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Bracketology: Syracuse Looking Like A 3-Seed For Now

Last time we checked in with the brackets, the Orange were sandwiched between a 4-5 by most Bracketologists. Two weeks later the Orange are in an even better position and they're at least looking like a 3-seed. For now.

The Bracket Matrix has every notable (and many un-notable) brackets. There are a couple Brackets that have us a 4-seed with a couple outliers that have us anywhere from a 1-seed to a 6-seed.

The 1-seed bracket is RPI Forecast and they're saying the Orange will end up as a 1-seed based on their numbers. So apparently we're going to win the Big East Tournament. That's nice.

Over at SB Nation, the Orange have jumped to the 3-seed. They also have us starting in DC (good) and ending up in San Antonio (meh).

Lunardi has what might just be Best Possible Scenario for the Orange. We're a 3-seed starting in DC and going to regionals in Newark. We'd see Duke in the Sweet Sixteen in this bracket. Giddy up.

Andy Glockner at SI sees the Orange as a 4-seed starting in Tampa (still pretty good) and heading to Newark. Though we would have to play Florida in the 2nd round, which we know we can handle but, would be a bummer as the higher seed.