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Syracuse vs. Georgetown: How To Attract Hoya Fans

Georgetown has been pulling out all the stops to get Hoya fans, ANY Hoya fans, to show up for basketball games.

They're buying out the building to make sure Syracuse fans can't eat up all the tickets to that game.

They're supporting the Chinese government's occupation of Tibet by using Groupon to practically give away tickets against Cincinnati.

Rumor is that fans can purchase tickets to the February 13th Marquette game for free as part of the DC Police's "Popped Collars For Tickets" program by turning in a collared polo shirts at the gate.

And they sent out cheeky emails to their fanbase to entice someone, anyone to come see the Hoyas take on The Succubus Formerly Known As Providence (which almost turned out great).


Cute. But I say if we're gonna do this, it's time to honest and forthcoming, Georgetown. I've taken the liberty of revising your artwork to make it really pop with more reality. Feel free to use this one next time.


And in case you're wondering, yes, I have a Masters' in Photoshop.