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Doug Marrone Happy, Unsatisfied With State Of Recruiting

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Doug Marrone is very excited about his new class of incoming football players student-athletes. That said, he remains begrudgingly dissatisfied in the way that only a head football coach can. Dave Rahme spoke with HCDM and discovered why:

"We’re probably still two to three months behind with our staff in trying to catch up," Marrone said. "I don’t think the layman would understand that, about how much has to go into it. We’re ahead of the game for recruiting in 2012, but we’re not to that comfort level where you say, ‘OK, here we are. We know exactly what we want from Pennsylvania, from New Jersey, from Florida, from the areas where we have been successful in getting players.’ We feel very comfortable about New York. I think if we had just a little bit more time we would be in that realm elsewhere."

After drawing 100% attendance at Junior Day and not losing any recruits to last-minute pitches by schools like Rutgers and West Virginia, you'd think Doug Marrone would feel like things are on the right track. As usual, you would think wrong. I wish you'd learn.

Marrone wants to smother certain markets to the point where Syracuse coaches know who's coming down the pipeline 2-3 years in advance. It's a process and one they're still working on.

Marrone is excited about SU's regained foothold in New York, and not just with NYC. It's re-established connections in Buffalo and Rochester that are going to pay dividends as well:

"And then being able to go ahead and get an Ashton Broyld from Rochester is obviously going to be very, very important for us. That’s a key area, not only for this year but definitely for next year."

Marrone was likely referring to Rochester-Aquinas defensive tackle Jarron Jones (6-foot-5, 305 pounds), who will likely be one of the nation’s most sought-after prospects next year and who reportedly has already received an SU offer, among several others.

The only player from the expected 2011 class who did not sign on Wednesday was Nassau Community College receiver DeFarrel Davis. It was assumed that academics played an issue and now that's confirmed:

Syracuse University did offer Davis a scholarship, but that was pulled in the last month because of the player's classroom performance, or lack of it, last fall. SU coaches said little about Davis on Wednesday, but they confirmed he was no longer in the recruiting mix for the Orange.

Miles said SU pulled the offer because of academics, and "rightfully so."

Among the schools Davis is talking now is...Akron. Of course he is.

SU remains mum on the player they're targeted with that 28th scholarship.