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Syracuse vs. Georgetown: Another Casual Conversation

As required by blogger law, I did a Q&A with the no-good-niks over at Casual Hoya for Saturday's big game. These are the sticky, sticky results.

(Here's my answers to his meany pants questions)

I know as a Syracuse fan I'm supposed to do cartwheels and light fireworks over Chris Wright's injury, and maybe I am on the inside, but considering we know what it feels like to lose a star player so late in the season, I feel your pain. How despondent are you right now?

Since last night I've vacillated between morbid depression and cautious optimism. It is so frustrating to watch a kid who plays as hard as he does go down like that in his senior year. Wright hasn't had any postseason success in his Georgetown career, and he spoke often about how he wanted to create a lasting legacy alongside Freeman and Vaughn this year. So yeah, it was sad. This team, unlike the last few years, seems to actually get it and were clicking very well before last night, and for it to be torn apart by an injury sucks. Also, suck it.

Syracuse started out great, fell off a cliff and is now on it's way back. Georgetown fell off a cliff to start the year, rebuilt themselves and is now on the verge of falling back off. Are our programs counter-weighing each other this year?

When you use the word ‘weight’ in any question involving Syracuse I immediately conjure up the images of the millions AND MILLIONS of fat Syracuse chicks that used to infiltrate the bars in NYC where I was trying to meet casual ladies back in the day. But to the question, I would hold off on your cliff analogy just yet. Georgetown has won 8 of its last 10 games, and it remains to be seen what will happen with Wright out of the mix for the next couple of weeks. Thankfully the Hoyas get to face a team with awful guard play who they have already beaten on Saturday, and then we can go from there. If Syracuse is indeed the Yin to Georgetown’s Yang, that’s cool, I’ve always liked that logo. Also, suck it.

The show must go on. How does Georgetown move forward without Chris Wright and how does it win ballgames?

Ideally, Markel Starks would step in for Wright. He is lightning quick, built similarly to Wright, and is our only other legitimate ball-handler. Unfortunately, he is a freshman, and his shot needs a lot of work before he can start seeing a ton of minutes. For an offense that relies heavily on good three point shooters, it is hard to envision having a liability at the point guard spot. I assume what will actually happen is that Hollis Thompson will play the three instead of coming off the bench, while Freeman and Clark will play guard. Freeman will be able to run the show in the half court offense, but Clark is still really shaky as a ball-handler, and we will be very susceptible to pressing defenses without Wright or Starks in the game. Also, suck it.

What is Georgetown fans' favorite movie? Boat Trip, Big Momma's House 2 or Eat Pray Love?

Boat Trip is a tremendously underrated film; probably Cuba Gooding's best since Jerry Maguire and really some of Horatio Sanz's finest work. Also, don't forget the tremendous work of Roger Moore. It's really some of the best nautical comedy around. Also, suck it.

How far does Georgetown have to go in the NCAA Tournament for you to feel like this season was a success?

A lot depends on Chris Wright. Without him, I think the Sweet Sixteen is a successful season and a lot of what ifs play out in the off-season (like Cuse fans like year but without the horrible Unfinished Business shirts). With him, I'd like to get to the Elite Eight, but like you said last time when we asked you the same question, it is damn hard to do.

If I told you that Georgetown would make the Final Four every year for the next decade and Syracuse would only make it twice but SU would win the National Title every time and Georgetown would never win it, you would say...

NO DEAL, ASSFACE. Also, suck it.

Alright, who's going to win the Big East Tournament? I have no clue. Can you figure it out?

I have to believe St. John's is the favorite. They have beaten Georgetown, Notre Dame, Duke and Pittsburgh in MSG this year, and clearly have some special home-cooked voodoo power in Lavin's hair gel. The idea of a final with St. John's against Georgetown, Syracuse, Villanova or UConn would be incredible because those fanbases are well represented in the NYC area. Also, suck it.

Will you be sending text updates to all of the Syracuse fans unable to attend Saturday's game due to shady Georgetown ticket practices?

Probably not, since as I understand it, Syracuse graduates are not allowed to use their cell phones while manning the fry station at Burger King. Might send this text to a Cuse fan, however: "Also, suck it."

Is that guy who painted himself blue & gray with the orange running down his mouth going to be there again? Did he use tear-proof paint this year?

Of course he will be there. He is a Georgetown fan and unlike Syracuse fans, Georgetown fans will be at the game. Also, suck it.

How's this game going to play out? Can Georgetown win without Wright? Can the Orange overcome the home-court advantage?

Lucky for Georgetown, Syracuse does not press. Because of this, Georgetown will win. The combination of the rowdiest home court advantage we'll have all season, the emotions from Senior Day and Wright's injury, and Freeman's regained shooting touch will be too much for the Orange. Adrenaline will carry the Hoyas to a relatively comfortable victory. Mark me down for 75-66 Hoyas. Also, suck it.