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After All That, Tickets Still Available For Syracuse-Georgetown

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So remember how all those people tried to get tickets to Saturday's Syracuse-Georgetown game a month ago and were told the game was sold out? Yeah, that was bullsh**.

If you're in the area and still looking for a ticket, here's the deal according to an email that went out to Georgetown students Thursday.

Tickets are available in the upper level (400's) and can be used by anyone (no student ID required). Tickets cost $25 and are being sold first-come, first serve between 10am and 5:30pm EST. There is no limit mentioned. The tickets are being sold at McDonough Arena Ticket Window.

Now this email did go out to students so I'm not sure if you need some kind of ID but I'm willing to bet if you just show up in a crappy blue or gray t-shirt, that'll do.

If you try to pull off the tricker, let us know about it. And of course, if you like to live really dangerously you can grab these tickets directly in the Georgetown student section.

Meanwhile, here's the Washington Post's article on Georgetown's attempt to ensure the crowd is as blue & gray as possible. It tells how some Syracuse fans made the sacrifice and donated to G'town in order get tickets. Meanwhile, there's the fantastically-named Blaise DeFazio:

"I did some research into it, and I found out you had to buy tickets to three other games or you had to donate to Georgetown," said Blaise DeFazio, a 2000 Syracuse graduate who lives in Rockville. "I refuse to donate to Georgetown."


And here's Donna's story on the whole kerfuffle.