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Eric Devendorf Takes His Talents To Turkey

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With the Pacific Rim officially conquered, it's time for new challenges in Eric Devendorf's life. Naturally, he's being called to a place formerly known as the Ottoman Empire...Turkey.

Devendorf said late Tuesday he was en route to the Middle East, where he will become part of the Selcuk Universities Konya basketball team which competes in Turkey's TB2L league.

Selcuk is currently fourth in the Group B standings at 10-8, led by the league-leading scorer Brian Boddicker, the lone American on an otherwise all-Turkish roster.

TBL2 contains such all your favorite teams, including Darüşşafaka Cooper Tires, İzmir Büyükşehir Belediyesi, Gaziantep Büyükşehir Belediyesi Basketbol and Tenis Eskrim Dağcılık. You already know all about them.

As for information on your Selcuk Universities Konya, your guess is as good as mine, I wasn't able to find too much on them other than the fact that there is an actual Selcuk University, though I'm assuming Devo's not going back to school. Here's the league website, can anyone read what's going on?

If you're hoping for a showdown between Allen Iverson and Devo, don't hold your breath. Iverson's Besiktas team is in the top league. Plus, Iverson's probably not going to play for them anymore due to injury.

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