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BREAKING: Scoop Jardine, Rick Jackson & Dion Waiters Are From Philadelphia

You know how much we love to play Lazy Announcer Bingo around here. And every time we play, one of the squares is dedicated to the fact that Scoop Jardine & Rick Jackson played high school ball together in Philadelphia and that Scoop Jardine and Dion Waiters are cousins. Because on the list "mentionables" that some intern puts together for the announcer who has never watched Syracuse play before, those two little nuggets are always in the top ten.

As you know.

Well I hate to break it to you, but, however much you've heard them said before, you're going to hear them a HELLUVA lot more tonight.

I don't know who the sideline reporter is for tonight's game but whoever it is you can be damn sure they've got their "local boys done good" package ready to go.

  • Requisite initial mention that Scoop & Rick went to high school together with photo from said time.
  • Requisite initial mention that Scoop & Dion are cousins with optional photo of them as children.
  • Requisite interview with family members who will be in attendance, wearing Scoop/Rick/Dion jerseys. Pride will be expressed.
  • Requisite pre-game interview with Scoop and/or Rick with answers to question, "What's it like to come back to Philadelphia and play in front of the home crowd?"
  • Requisite mentions by play-by-play and color commentators (at least five).

In fact, you might as well consider this an impromptu drinking game. Good luck.