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Syracuse National Signing Day: The Orange-y 27

Adonis Ameen-Moore: Syracuse's next great RB?, via <a href=""></a>
Adonis Ameen-Moore: Syracuse's next great RB?, via

Now that Syracuse's 2011 class is signed, sealed and barring any further academic issues delivered, let's take a look under the hood to see what we've got.

First things first... Top Five Meme-Potential Names

1. Shutang Mungwa (Let the Wu-Tang Clan photoshops with Doug Marrone as RZA commence!)

2. Adonis Ameen-Moore (A Running back named Adonis? NY area copy writers are swooning)

3. Ritchy Desir (So many ways to go with this one. Let's figure it out together)

4. Siriki Diabate (Baye Mousa Keita, you have competition)

5. Ashton Broyld (As long as Fringe is on, let's the Broyles jokes fly...)

Of the 27, eight are lineman. The Orange immediately provide an answer to depth issues on both side. With five OLs in the class, hopefully we're looking at a much more secure future at the position. Ivan Foy, who could have gone either way, is listed as an OL.

Terrel Hunt and Ashton Broyld both come in as QBs. Both are extremely athletic and can cover a lot of ground through the air and on the ground. The future of Syracuse quarterbacking is fast.

Six DBs in the class, including the fantastically-named Shutang Mungwa, who's ready to make impact immediately.

"I'm happy to have this whole thing over with. I guess I'll watch the (Pinstripe) bowl game on tape a few more times and check out their defensive schemes. I'm just preparing myself, mentally and physically. I don't plan to be red-shirted. I plan to come in and make an impact. I'm hitting the weight room hard. I'm getting ready to make an impact freshman year."

With Max Suter, Da’Mon Merkerson and Mike Holmes gone, we'll need one or two of these guys to step up for sure. #SHAMARKO can only do so much...

Adonis Ameen-Moore and Tyree Smallwood are officially listed as RBs. There was a question about whether Smallwood would be here or on defense. Ameen-Moore's presence means we might just see a Colorado-connection one day with former high school teammate and current Syracuse QB Jonny Miller.

Speaking of Smallwood, he's excited.

"I'm just glad all of my hard work paid off. Now I'm just going to work hard, and try my best to help Syracuse keep winning."

The wide receivers are Kyle Foster, Jeremiah Kobena and Keenan Hale. Brandon Reddish, whom many thought could be a WR as well, is listed as a DB for now.

Jonathan Fisher joins Ross "Das Boot" Krautman and Ryan LICHTENSTEIN! on the kicking duties. Fisher will likely compete with Lichy for the punting duties.

Sam Rodgers, long-snapper. For your sake, let us hear about you as little as possible for the next four years.

The class breaks down as eleven from New York, four from Florida, three from Georgia, two from NJ, two from Pennsylvania, two from Michigan, one from Colorado, one from California and one from Virginia.

With DeFarrel Davis seemingly out of the mix now, the question is what will the Orange do with that extra scholarship? Lots of talent still out there and perhaps the Orange will make a move after the dust settles.

Nolan has more on some of the playmakers the Orange picked up today, including Reddish and Broyld. The D.O. has background on what looks like Syracuse's best class in years.