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National Signing Day: Syracuse Welcomes Its New Oranges

Let's get right down to it. Syracuse is looking to have at least 28 letters in their hands by the end of the day, possibly even 29 if one or two folks make a last-second decision. Don't bother showing up at Manley tonight to celebrate, the event has been canceled due to weather. and Orange Fizz are all over the letters but I'll update below as they arrive.

The Orange already have six players in school. SU also received ten letters early this morning. Nice way to start the day:

So far, SU has gotten letters of intent from defensive backs Ritchy Desir and Shutang Mungwa, quarterback Terrel Hunt, running back Tyree Smallwood, receiver Keenan Hale, punter Jonathan Fisher, linebacker Cameron Lynch, and linemen Rob Trudo, Nick Robinson and Kristofer Curtis.

According to Nolan via Twitter, the list keeps growing:

SU gets five more letters of intent: Eric Crume, Ivan Foy, Brandon Reddish, Adonis Ameen-Moore and Sam Rodgers.

Nolan thinks the Orange might be down to 27. He didn't get a good feeling about Nassau Community College receiver DeFarrel Davis during a call this morning.

Three more names are in, Ashton Broyld, Donnie Simmons and Kyle Foster.

11:30 am: What's up with Kevin McReynolds? The news so far isn't promising with one source saying he's going to UCLA. He's expected to make his selection any minute now (11:30am).

11:40 am: If you're interested in the national LOI picture,'s got you covered.

Final Update: Yep, McReynolds picked UCLA. Nolan reports that the final three LOIs have come in from Ryan Sloan, Durell Eskridge and Oliver Vigille.

Final Count: 27