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That's Professor TNIAAM To You

Technically I suppose I'll be more of an Adjunct Professor, but, whatever, it's still a good excuse to post a clip from Wet Hot American Summer.

This is what Syracuse has to say about it's faculty:

Exceptional faculty members are the key to a world-class education. Syracuse University’s balanced commitment to scholarship, teaching, and research attracts some of the finest scholars in the world.  With a faculty-to-student ratio of 1 to 15 and supported by a dedicated and talented staff that strongly believes in the power of education, our esteemed, innovative, and caring faculty guides our students to become change agents of the future.

Exceptional? Check. Dedicated? Check. Talented? Duh, check. Esteemed? Did I mention I appear on the Brent Axe radio program often? Check. Caring? Shame on you for even asking. Check.

When I was but a young pup roaming the SU Quad aimlessly, dreading the impending Econ 101 class ahead of me, I imagine that one day I would do many things.

  • Catch a knife thrown directly at me and then throw it right back at my assailant, just like Jack Burton.
  • Turn 360 degrees in slow-motion holding two guns while an American flag flapped above me and F-19 jet fighters flew overheard as I exclaimed, "S**t just got real."
  • Cure Polio.
  • Construct my very own Glaive and master it's usage.
  • Wear a baseball cap front-ways-forward when posing for official IDs photos.


None of those things have panned out...yet. But I AM now doing something I never, ever thought I would do in a million years. I am going to teach a class at Syracuse University.

The Ruth Ivor Foundation of New York City has donated $25,000 to support the Syracuse University School of Information Studies’ ongoing information innovation initiatives, with opportunities for educating professionals who understand the power of blogging and social networking and who implement these outlets to share messages and inform society.

The gift will fund:

A one-week course on blogging this summer. Taught by sports blogger SU alumnus Sean Keeley ’00, ( and editor, the course will teach students what it takes to create an effective and influential blog. Learn more about this course at

I for one welcome my new Ruth Ivor Foundation overlords.

So yeah, that's crazy. What am I teaching? What are we going to talk about? Will it just be 40 hours of tweeting? Will Chipotle cater each class? I have absolutely no idea the answer to any of those questions. But we'll figure it out. I think.

Big thanks to the iSchool, Assoc. Dean Ian MacInnes, Prof. Anthony Rotolo, Kelly Lux and Shay Colson for reaching out, helping make this happen and for thinking I might actually know what I'm talking about...which has yet to be proven.

Among the cooler aspects of this is that I'll be at SU for a full week in May. I'll be just a little busy with the class but I'm sure they'll be plenty of time for some revelry and perhaps an attempt at a few long-gestating projects I've been mulling over. This all sounds like way too much access to Syracuse University for someone like me. Giddy up.

And this isn't even the last iSchool/TNIAAM joint announcement of the week. Suffice to say, I'm earning my free iSchool T-shirt and laptop cozy.

More details to come on the class, the trip back to SU and whatever else we have up our sleeves. Who knew making SU-themed LOLCat photos could pay off so well?