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Bracketology: Orange Still Looking Like A 4-5 Seed

We've got a long way to go so I'll go ahead and preempt your upcoming comment about how none of this matters. That said, where the Orange are going to be seeded is much more interesting discussion today than it was a month ago.

Not too long ago it was a question of whether or not the Orange were a 1 or a 2. Now? The Orange could go anywhere between a 3 and an 8 depending on how the rest of the season plays out. Let's see how the "experts" see us at the moment.

Lunardi currently has the Orange slated as a 5-seed, going up against 12-seed Alabama. He's also sending us to Tuscon in the first round (yucky), though a 2nd weekend trip to New Orleans would bring back some memories.

SB Nation's Chris Dobbertean has the Orange one spot higher at the 4-seed. He too has us in Tuscon where we'll face No. 13 Princeton. I get shivers but only because I always think of Pete Carril's Tigers. The good news is that he's got us in the Newark Regional. I'll take that. He also sees eleven Big East teams making it.

RealTimeRPI slots the Orange down as a 6-seed. They've got us playing 11-seed Southern Miss in Chicago to open thing up with a chance to head to San Antonio in the Regionals.

CBSSports sends us "home" to Tampa where we're a 4-seed against 13-seed Missouri State. We're in the Southwest which means the San Antonio Regional.

There's a lot more brackets out there but if we scour the Bracketology Matrix we'll see that, for the most part, folks think we're a 5-seed at the moment. That seems fair. The lowest anyone has us is as a 7-seed (BracketWatch). I wouldn't say we've "earned" that just yet. With a win over Rutgers Saturday, coupled with the West Virginia win, we should see a solid rise in the brackets. Not that it matters for now, but it's worth keeping an eye on.