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How Is There Not An Awful Referees Blog?

So I watched this last night...

...And it occurred to me...why isn't there a blog dedicated to awful refereeing?

We have Awful Announcing, which is fantastic. And we all certainly spend inordinate amounts of time discussing horrible instances of reffing. I mean, you could dedicate an entire blog to hating on Higgins and Burr alone. How is this not a thing, Internet?

The way I see it, you'd need the ability to post a lot of video yourself. It would be extremely video-intensive. And there would have to be some kind of ongoing ranking system to show who is the worst ref in the country. And I'd be shocked if Higgins didn't win it every year. In fact, you should probably just go ahead and name it the Tim Higgins Ratings or The Higgies.

Moving forward, I think we'll definitely have to do keep track of all the refs who cover Syracuse games through the year to figure out who's the most awful and who's the least awful. Cause those are really the only parameters I can tell...