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Syracuse Basketball Is Just Going Through A Down Cycle

It's so obvious, I can't believe I missed it. All this time we've been wondering what's wrong with the Syracuse basketball team and the answer was right there in front of us. We kept trying to figure out how an 18-0 team suddenly loses four in a row and resembles merely a shell of its former self and we kept getting nowhere.

It's so simple, really. We're just going through a down cycle.

"We’re going through a down cycle right now,’’ Jardine said, "but we’ve got to keep with it and keep fighting and hopefully it’s going to be better by March.’’

The down cycle is, as we learned in the "hit" movie She's The One, is what one says to their significant other when they don't want to be intimate because they're schtupping someone else.

Francis: I told you it's...'s a down cycle, that's all.

Mickey: What?

Francis: You're not familiar with the "down cycle"?

Mickey: No. What, exactly, is a "down cycle"?

Francis: You know, in a relationship you got ups, downs... ...sometimes you do it a lot, like you do... ...other times, not at all. Ups and downs and... The down cycle.

Mickey: I feel for you, man. You're a sick individual and you need help.

What does this mean for Syracuse basketball? That we're faking it. We're losing on purpose. Put it in the bank. We're lulling the college basketball world into a false sense of security. And at some point later in the season, in the third act if you will, we'll make our big reveal and cruise to the championship while everyone is left wondering what just happened.

That or we'll get dumped for the chubby guy.

Yeah, you know what...this is a horrible plan. Let's just win instead. I don't want Scoop Jardine to end up doing Geico commercials.

I take that back, I absolutely want Scoop to end up doing Geico commercials.

I am very confused.