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Syracuse Football: Dorian Graham, Chandler Jones, Shamarko Thomas May Test NFL Draft Waters

Update: For his part, Chandler Jones is telling folks "Don't read the media...They're not always accurate!" So there's that. Meanwhile, Dorian Graham would prefer it if you got off his back. Or pay him. One or the other.

Original: Hey Syracuse Orange fan, how's your Friday going? Good? Having a nice day? Well let me ruin that for you.

Dorian Graham, Chandler Jones and #SHAMARKO Thomas all have a year of eligibility remaining with Syracuse but all three are going to test NFL draft waters in the coming months according to Dave Rahme.

It sounds like Graham is the one sure-fire player to leave early.

A source close to the team said true senior Dorian Graham (24 receptions for 260 yards and two TDs) will forego his final year of eligibility and try his luck in the NFL draft.

Meanwhile, Rahme says that Jones and Thomas have expressed interest in finding out how they would stack up in the 2012 draft class.

There is somewhat good news here. Even if they throw their names in the hat, all three players can withdraw from consideration and return to the team as long as they do not sign with an agent.

However, if all three do indeed leave, those are some serious blows to the 2012 Orange. Already losing Phillip Thomas early, the Syracuse defense will have basically lost it's three best returning players. As for Graham, his speed and development would come in very handy next year since we're losing Van Chew and don't know about Marcus Sales yet.

Anyway, I'd say you can start crying now but that would assume you weren't already.