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Syracuse Daily Links - Orange Defense Among Nation's Best

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Orange Send A Loud Message On Defense " 900 Irving
In short, to beat the Orange, all you have to do is play a well-rounded game at both ends of the floor and/or hope for a heavy dose of offensive miscues by the Orange. Pretty simple, right?

Orange Watch: Syracuse needs to move to ACC ASAP | The Juice Online
With the craziness and desperation to stay in the BCS football business necessitating a coast-to-coast football footprint for the Big East, the mere stability and relative closeness of new rivals in the inevitable move to the ACC $hould logically happen $ooner than later.

ACC Divisions: Syracuse Or Pittsburgh To The ACC Atlantic? - BC Interruption
From a rivalry and hatred perspective, I would prefer having Syracuse in the Atlantic over Pittsburgh. I also think that Pitt is probably the stronger football program, considering that Cuse has been more or less awful in football since we parted ways back in 2005 (with apologies to the 2010 Orange). So ... better shot at an annual W, amiright?

Syracuse Orange Basketball - Catching Up With 2014 4-Star SG Wayne Selden
I like Syracuse's tall guard game, and Boeheim is a winner. I like the zone. I've played it before and I fit in very well in a zone.

Legal experts say Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick overstepped his boundaries |
Given the fact that the Syracuse police and federal Secret Service are still investigating allegations against Fine, Fitzpatrick’s comments raised eyebrows in a number of areas. Federal prosecutors refused to comment. But others were wondering what those prosecutors must have been thinking as the district attorney gave his take on their case.

After Syracuse: The death and football-subsidized life of Big East basketball | Capital New York
But remember that every time Georgetown comes to Madison Square Garden to face St. John's, or every time Jay Wright and Villanova square off against Seton Hall, they're only able to do so because somewhere, thousands of miles away, Boise State is going to be playing football against San Diego State.

Syracuse basketball cartoon: Dion Waiters |
"The undefeated Orange Basketball team will take on George Washington University in the Carrier Dome this Saturday night. Dion Waiters has been a major contributor off the bench so far this season. I've chosen to spotlight him in this week's Syracuse basketball cartoon."

Syracuse basketball: NCAA draws the line on charging fouls |
The NCAA has instituted a restricted-area arc in the lane that delineates where the defensive player must be positioned to draw a charge. Any secondary defensive player (the help defender) who plants himself inside that arc cannot draw a charge, regardless of how still he is or how long he has anchored himself there.

Syracuse's Jim Boeheim on rejection of Chris Paul trade: 'It just doesn't make sense to me' |
Boeheim addressed the NBA's rejection of the proposed trade of Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Syracuse coach said this of the league's move: "It just doesn't make sense to me, unless there's something you don't see in there."

Poliquin: A toast will be made tonight to Ernie Davis, who 50 years ago won the Heisman Trophy |
"Some people say I am unlucky," Davis wrote in his famous article for The Saturday Evening Post in the winter of 1963. "I don’t believe it. And I don’t want to sound as if I am particularly brave or unusual. Sometimes I still get down, and sometimes I feel sorry for myself. Nobody is just one thing all the time. But when I look back, I can’t call myself unlucky. My 23rd birthday was Dec. 14. In these years I have had more than most people get in a lifetime."

A mini-documentary on the Syracuse University Marching Band 2011. Newhouse class semester project in both production and sound design. Created by Elizabeth McCoy and Rick Jones. With special thanks to Jonathan Gesicki and Benjamin Deike. Also to Justin Mertz and the 2011 SUMB.