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Bernie Fine Allegations: Tomaselli Files Civil Suit

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Despite the fact that District Attorney William Fitzpatrick told reporters that Zach Tomaselli's accusations do not seem credible, the third Bernie Fine accuser isn't going away anytime soon.

Tomaselli filed a civil lawsuit today against Fine in Allegheny County Court. He is the only plantiff and Fine is the only defendant. Tomaselli and his lawyer also held a press conference to discuss the situation.

When asked about the specifics of the alleged trip to Pittsburgh, Anderson says that he is not certain of which hotel Tomaselli stayed at, but that it is the same hotel which the Syracuse University basketball team stayed. Anderson says Tomaselli traveled on a bus with college-aged individuals to the game. The people on the bus were not members of the basketball team and wore orange golf shirts.

If you're keeping track, that's version No. 3 of the bus story. And as for how the lawyer doesn't know which hotel his client stayed in...I'll just leave it as-is.

Tomaselli's lawyer also criticized Bernie Fine's lawyers for calling him a liar (sounds familiar). And while SU is not named in the suit, he did say that "Syracuse failed the children."

Meanwhile, while Fitzpatrick said he wasn't able to prosecute Bernie Fine for the allegations made by Davis & Lang, he did deem their accusations credible. Part of that could be because of what a former nanny working for the Fines said.

"No question about it. All kinds of things, she didn't physically witness any molestation, but clearly body language, affect, they way they talked to each other, the way they acted around each other, the conversation she had with Laurie Fine there's no question...

"The way would do things, they way they would watch TV, the way they would eat food together, the way they would suddenly disappear together."

Speaking of how the statute of limitations has ended here, New York State lawmakers are discussing a reform of child abuse laws to change that in the future.

The sexual abuse allegations and fallout has also affect SU Senate proceedings, where it has dominated conversation.