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Big East Expansion: Boise, San Diego State, Houston, UCF & SMU In

Assuming things hold, the Syracuse Orange will have a few new faces on their football schedule in 2013. The Big East officially announced the impending arrival of the Houston Cougars, Boise St. Broncos, San Diego St. Aztecs, Central Florida Knights and SMU Mustangs today. Houston, UCF and SMU will be full members while Boise and SDSU will be football-only members.

Of course, it's never a good idea to assume in conference realignment. And despite the fact that the Orange, Pittsburgh Panthers and West Virginia Mountaineers are currently being held to 27-month waiting periods that will keep them in the conference through the 2013 season, who knows what this change means.

As of this very moment, Big East football is a thirteen-team conference in 2013. Drop WVU, Pitt and SU and you get back down to a manageable ten teams. That seems like the logic, unless you assume Navy's coming over soon as well (possibly with Army to make it twelve)?

We know West Virginia is doing everything in their power to get out of here ASAP. And if that happens, DOC Gross told Brett McMurphy, "We're open to see what happens. As (Big East) goes forward to put together new multi-media deals, they’re going to need us to move out of way. We’re waiting for that."

(By the way, ESPN, see how I actually used Brett's name and didn't just refer to him as "Sources?" That's how you do it. Ask Dana O'Neil, she's a top journalist)

I think we're all on record with just how clownshoes it is that the Big East now includes a school from Idaho and a school that can see the Pacific Ocean from its dorm rooms. It's the Big East that John Marinatto deserves. Now it's just all about getting the F out of here as quickly as possible.