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Syracuse Daily Links - Scoop Jardine Setting Unselfish Tone

Syracuse Surprise: It’s Actually Scoop Setting the Tone for an Unselfish Team : Orange Fizz
It’s hard to imagine many fifth-year seniors with Scoop’s resume having such a positive reaction to riding pine down the stretch at the world’s most famous arena. In fact, it’s hard to imagine Scoop himself being okay with a secondary role. But in his last go round in Orange, Scoop is solely focused on the ultimate team goal.

Roy S. Gutterman: The Picket That Never Was... But Still a Speech
With other appearances listed on its website, including military funerals in Iowa and other events, the WBC issued a statement to the media late Friday night, "Sorry - too many pickets, not enough time. We had to reroute some resources to get ready for a protest elsewhere. Syracuse got the message. Obey God or be destroyed."

Big Ten tops first Conference Rankings - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
The Big East accrues the highest human bonus based largely on being the only conference with three schools in the AP and Coaches top 10. Unfortunately it also has some dead weight toward the bottom with seven teams outside the top 100 on average computer ranking, which hurts it with the computers.

Former Syracuse basketball player Andy Rautins sees himself 'making big contributions' to the Knicks |
"I see myself making big contributions to the team," he said. "I'm able to hit the open jumper. I can come in and give them relief at the one. Wherever coach needs me to play, I'll play my role. I’m obviously a hard-worker defensively, too."

Checking In On… the Big East Conference " Rush The Court
Syracuse (8-0) — Off the court issues aside, Syracuse sure is taking care of business on the court. The Orange destroyed former assistant Rob Murphy’s Eastern Michigan squad before getting by Florida on Friday at the Carrier Dome. Syracuse didn’t shoot particularly well against the Gators but managed to get to the line 21 times while out-rebounding Florida.

College Football Playoffs–Be Careful What You Wish For! | ATLANTIC COAST CONFIDENTIAL
Ask Pitt and Syracuse whether their weekend matchup of 5-6 teams mattered. The winner got a bowl game, the loser went home.

DA Fitzpatrick to address Bernie Fine investigation Wednesday |
A two-sentence news release announcing the news conference gave no indication what Fitzpatrick plans to discuss.

WBB | SU defense falters in losses after dominant start to season - Sports - The Daily Orange
"I think coach Q will know better than anyone when to use it and when to take it off," national women's college basketball analyst Debbie Antonelli said before the season. "The good thing for him is that he has a veteran group that understands that zone defense, and he can always fall back to that and use it when the season gets really grueling in February."

Relive the magic that was Chandler Jones rumbling, stumbling interception return against Pitt: