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'How To Grow An Orange' Is The Gift For Every Syracuse Fan In Your Life

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how to grow an orange
how to grow an orange

This post is a shameless plug. Deal With It.

Hanukkah and something called Christmas are rapidly approaching. For the many Syracuse fans and tiny children who have yet to determine that they will be Syracuse fans, it's critical to make sure the gift you're giving them is going to point them in the right direction.

That's why you need to buy How To Grow An Orange for them. Might I recommend four ways to do it...

1. Purchase the paperback version on Amazon.

2. Purchase the paperback version direct from the publisher (which means a selfish, bigger cut for yours truly)

3. Purchase the e-book/Kindle version on Amazon (finally!) for the sexy, sexy price of $3.99.

4. If you really want to be the most awesome person who ever lived, get a personalized paperback version of HTGAO. I'm more than happy to write whatever witty and/or stupid message you want and sign the book for that special SU fan (or SU fan in the making) in your life. To order a personalize copy, click this link:


Please note, I need to place an order for copies that I will personalize, which takes time. I'm asking that anyone who wants a personalized copy purchase it by Saturday, December 10th so I have time to receive the books from the publisher, sign them and then send them out in time to put them under the menorah (or tree).

Happy Holidays and G'Orange!