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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: 'Color Him Orange' Author Scott Pitoniak

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color me orange
color me orange

There's been a lot of talk about Jim Boeheim recently. Perhaps you've heard. So I thought it was good time to delve into the man himself and find out why he does what he does and where it all comes from.

Short of doing a podcast with Jim himself, which would involve me explaining to him what a podcast is and what the Internet is, I went to the next best person.

Scott Pitoniak is the author of "Color Him Orange: The Jim Boeheim Story," which is available now on Amazon, Triumph Books and in most retail stores. Scott and I discuss Jim Boeheim's reaction to the Bernie Fine allegations, whether or not that was the reaction he expected and where Jim's career goes from here. We also delve into Boeheim's past, discussing just how close he came to not attending Syracuse and just how close he came to becoming the longtime coach of the University of Rochester and not SU.

You can read an excerpt of the book here.

You can listen below, you can download the podcast from TalkShoe and feel calmed by our voices during your morning yoga practice, you can subscribe to the RSS feed and you can even download it off iTunes like the cool kids do.