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Bernie Fine Owns A Lot Of Electronics, All Of Which Were Seized

Federal agents have conducted quite a few searches on Bernie Fine's home and office space at Manley Field House. The contents of items seized during that initial search of Fine's home have been made public and it pretty much contains every kind of electronic item you could possibly think of.

Federal agents took computers, cell phones, cameras and disks in their search of Bernie Fine's house and office, federal prosecutors revealed in records today.

Two of safety deposit boxes rented by Fine were also searched, the records on four search warrants show. Seven documents were seized from one box.

CNYCentral's Michael Benny tweeted a photo of the official document and it's quite the comprehensive list.

Bernie is a big fan of Apple, apparently. He had 2 iPads, an iPod Touch, an iPod Nano and an unopened iPod.

Bernie had eight cellphones, including four Blackberry phones. DOC Gross would be impressed (via

They took his jukebox. They took the man's jukebox. That's just low.

Bernie owned more VHS tapes than I can count. In the year 2011. I'm not trying to imply anything, I just think that that's too many VHS tapes to own in the year 2011.

"1 Cannon." I think I know what that really is but I'm kinda hoping and dreaming it's the other thing.

And a whole lot more. I wouldn't go too far reading what each individual item means. Who knows. Just know that whatever agents were looking for, they probably found it somewhere between the electronics, documents, film and deposit box keys.