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Bernie Fine Allegations: Syracuse University Has No Plans To Make 2005 Investigation Public

In the wake of the Bernie Fine allegations , what Syracuse University needs right now is transparency.

Well that ain't gonna happen, says Nancy Cantor.

Cantor cited three reasons for not releasing the investigation: to protect the privacy of the people involved in the investigation, not interfere with the current investigation by the authorities and because another law firm is conducting an external review of the 2005 investigation. The 2005 investigation was carried out by Bond, Schoeneck & King, the firm for which Tom Evans, senior vice president and university counsel, works.

On protecting those involved in the 2005 investigation, Cantor said it "would be unfair to release publicly now" what "at the time was confidential."

Cantor has bought herself a lot of goodwill with the way she's handled things to-date. Let's hope this move doesn't erode all of it instantly. As rumors swirl about what was originally uncovered, what wasn't uncovered and what might not have been acted on, the call for SU to release that information is only going to grow louder.

Making things extra awkward is the fact that the SU Board of Trustees never knew about the 2005 investigation. District Attorney and County Blowhard William Fitzpatrick isn't impressed with the results of the investigation either:

"You would be hard pressed to say that the thing was investigated the way that it should have been in 2005," Fitzpatrick told the Times.

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