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Think Oklahoma State Got Jobbed? Blame Doug Marrone

The outcry over the fact that the Oklahoma St. Cowboys are going to the Fiesta Bowl instead of playing for the National Title has been loud and it has been vocal.

If you want to blame a specific group, blame the voters. The computers picked OSU overall but it was the human vote that sent Alabama to the title game. While no one voter seems to have done anything quite as dubious as Harris Poll voter George Wine, who voted OSU No. 6 (The BCS thanks you for your support, George), the reveal of the Coaches Poll final ballots shows up who voted Oklahoma State No. 4 and kept them out.

And that includes Syracuse Orange coach Doug Marrone. Or at least, the assistant that turned in his ballot.

Marrone slotted Stanford at No.3 and Oklahoma State No. 4 in his final ballot. He also was a big fan of Baylor (No. 13 on his ballot) and not a big fan of Georgia (No. 23). He put West Virginia at No. 19 and squeezed Cincinnati in at No. 25.

Of course Marrone still can't top whoever handled Air Force coach Troy Calhoun's ballot and slotted the Arkansas Razorbacks ahead of No. 5 OSU.