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Syracuse vs. Pittsburgh - Road Trip Impressions, Podcasted

Well, that was depressing...

The 2011 Syracuse football season was a true enigma. It started out featuring a team who may not have been overly talented, or dominant, but they seemed to know how to win. They may have given one away against Rutgers, but then the West Virginia game happened, and I doubt one person had legitimate doubts that the Orange would struggle against the rest of the Big East, much less fail to win one more game.

But that is exactly what happened, often in spectacular fashion. Syracuse was able to embarrass a team heading to a BCS bowl on national television, and then followed it up by going 0-for-5 against teams in the worst BCS conference in the nation. 0-for-5 against teams who started quarterbacks like Tino Sunseri, Munchie Lagaux and Johnny McEntee.

The game at Pittsburgh was pretty exemplary of how the season unfolded. Syracuse went into the game with legitimate reasons to believe that it could win, despite recent struggles, and then quite literally fumbled chance after chance away.

For this year's Otto's Army football road trip, the organization took a bus to Pittsburgh for the second time in the last three years. With the help of Syracuse sophomore Ben Glidden (@beneg92) who helped in recording and editing, I decided to podcast the experience. We may have lost the game, but it was a pretty good day...aside from having to sit in front of the speakers that blast the god damn panther noise again...that thing sucks.

(Warning: some of the language towards the middle is a tad salty).

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