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Syracuse Football: Season Ended Sooner For Some

Season-ending lower/upper body injuries and suspensions for mysterious reasons are things that Syracuse Orange football fans have gotten used to over the past few seasons. So why should that have been any different in the final game of the season?

#SHAMARKO Thomas and most of Phillip Thomas' season aside, the defensive secondary was a disaster this season. About the only hope we had to hold onto was that next year things would be better. Now Phil Thomas is gone for good and sophomore Keon Lyn ends the season on particularly bad terms after being sent home before the game due to "conduct detrimental to the team."

Of course, Marrone said nothing else, which I have to admit is started to get a little annoying.

On the injury front, senior Mikhail Marinovich sadly missed his final game in an orange uniform due to a sore back. Ironically, it was the first missed game of his four-year career. Shame.