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Syracuse Basketball Club Trillion Watch: Hoffmann & Lyde-Cajuste Storm Ahead

Photo courtesy of Kevin Colton,<a href="" target="new"></a>.
Photo courtesy of Kevin Colton,

With a blowout as big as the one the Syracuse Orange put on the Seton Hall Pirates Wednesday night, you just knew there was some Club Trillioning to come.

After our last update, Griffin Hoffmann and Matt Lyde-Cajuste had moved into the lead of Club Trillion Watch. Could they keep it up? Let's review the boxscore:

Three-point specialist Matt Tomaszewski saw two minutes of action and grabbed a rebound, so he's out of the running.

Brandon Reese attempted a field goal in his minute of play, so he's out.

Meanwhile, Nick Resavy, Hoffmann and Lyde-Cajuste all logged one minute of play and nothing else to secure a point in the Club Trillion Standings, which are...

3 - Hoffmann and Lyde-Cajuste

1 - Tomaszewski, Nassar & Resavy

0 - All other players

Hoffmann and Lyde-Cajuste are putting some serious seperation between them and the rest of the pack. With DePaul up next, will one of them finally take the lead?