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So, Do We Go With "The Big Bastard" For Fab Melo?

What is it about Seton Hall coaches? They're the most colorful subspecies of the college basketball coach genus. They either have names that make them sound like gangsters, steal purses, or, in the case of current head coach Kevin Willard, have extremely salty press conferences:

"This Syracuse team is the real deal,’’ Willard said. "They’re the best team in the country by far and they kicked our ass.’’

When asked about his senior center’s struggles, Seton Hall coach Kevin Willard simply said, "They put that big bastard on him.’’

The big bastard in question is Fab Melo, he of the Syracuse Orange single-game blocks record.

By the way, Willard also had some thoughts on Seton Hall's Big East schedule:

"Our conference loves us so much they decided to play us on Wednesday, Friday, Tuesday against the three top teams in the conference,’’ Willard said. "I wish we could go to the ACC. Maybe we’d get a better schedule.’’

He's fun.

Anyway, the question at hand is whether or not we want to embrace The Big Bastard as Fab's nickname. What I like about it is that is immediately conjures up a pro wrestling vibe (The Big Show, El Gigante, Big Boss Man). Of course, I don't know how much Fab would appreciate Syracuse fans chanting "Bastard! Bastard!" every time he does something well.