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Whole Lotta Yelin Coming To Syracuse Volleyball

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Ever since I theoretically got Syracuse volleyball coach Jing Pu fired, I've been interested to see how the DOC fills the position. Pu was one of the last remaining B.D.G. (Before DOC Gross) coaches at SU.

His replacement needed to be someone who fit the DOC Gross Pyramid of Success. We're talking "Nobel Prize Winner" Level.

All signs point to former Louisville Cardinals volleyball head coach Leonid Yelin being that winner.

A proven winner at all levels, Leonid Yelin is the sixth head coach in Syracuse University volleyball history. Yelin led the University of Louisville to 14 NCAA Tournaments, including four NCAA Regional semifinals from 1996 through 2010. He joins Syracuse after serving as an assistant coach at Colorado in 2011.

"Coach Yelin brings world class experience and success to Syracuse," said Syracuse University Director of Athletics Dr. Daryl Gross. "Syracuse volleyball will have the opportunity to compete for national honors under his leadership. Coach Yelin’s national success speaks impressively for itself. He is the perfect coach to join our distinguished group of head coaches at Syracuse University. We look forward to the success of SU women’s volleyball."

Yelin turned Louisville into a national power in his 15 seasons there, posting a 366-112 record. His .763 winning percentage puts him in the Top 10 nationally for active head coaches.

Yelin was 10-0 against Syracuse while at Louisville, so, yes, we were aware of him.

So how was this guy available anyway? He "retired" from Louisville back in January and then made the curious decision to become an assistant at Colorado. The draw of the PAC-10/12, considered the strongest women's volleyball conference in the nation, might have been what drove the move. Even then, Yelin hinted that his move was a temporary one...which is fairly obvious now.

Welcome to Coach Yelin. May many conference championships be in your future, be they Big East or ACC.