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The Township Of Clay Would Like Jim Boeheim To Be Their Dictator

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Last month, Onondaga County D.A. William Fitpatrick accused Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler of turning Syracuse into a "fiefdom."

Turns out, if Onondaga County residents had their way, it would be. Only it wouldn't be Fowler in charge. It would be James Arthur Boeheim:

Boeheim, whose team is ranked No. 1 in the nation, received write-in votes for nine offices Nov. 8 — Onondaga County executive, district attorney, comptroller and legislator, and Clay town supervisor, clerk, justice and councilor.

This explains a lot about Fitzpatrick's interest in recent events at Syracuse University. He's got Jimmy B breathing down his neck in the voting booths. Clever girl, Fitzy...clever girl.

Winning National Titles is one thing. Running the township of Clay with an iron fist is something else altogether. Hope the Clay police force knows zone defense.

Of course, it wouldn't be a story involving Jim Boeheim and William Fitzpatrick if Bernie Fine didn't show up to ruin all the fun.

In the DA’s race, voters liked Syracuse police Chief Frank Fowler (twice), Lady Gaga and Yankee Nick Swisher. Former SU associate head basketball coach Bernie Fine drew a vote from a Camillus resident, cast before Fine’s scandal broke.

Tim Green also received a vote for the state Supreme Court. He's available, so, maybe next year?