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Syracuse In The Polls: Who Do We Hate This Week?

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Well, we hate Ron Morris for sure. A writer for The State, which is not a progressive sketch comedy troupe from the 90's but a South Carolina newspaper, Morris is the lone AP voter to rank Syracuse No. 4 this week, as he has since they took over the top overall spot. Ron has Ohio State, Kentucky and North Carolina and their combined four losses ahead of the undefeated Orange.

We also kinda-sorta hate Rick Bozich of Louisville's Courier-Journal. Rick is the lone voter to say the Orange are No. 3. Before you go thinking he's a Louisville homer, know that he has the Cardinals fifth overall. But so you know that he is a state of Kentucky homer, he has the Wildcats No. 1 followed by OSU and then the Orange.

That said, Rick had a pretty fair answer in his comments when asked if Kentucky could beat Syracuse:

I’m sure Kentucky could beat Syracuse. I’m equally sure Syracuse could beat Kentucky. Depends upon where they would play and how each team performed that evening.

There are nine more AP voters who we're just kinda bothered by for voting the Orange No. 2 this week. They include Seth Davis, the immutable Jon Wilner and Ray Fittipaldo from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. So much for loyalty.

Dick Weiss likes us, and that's all you can really ask for in life.

A lot of folks have been wondering who the coach is in the Coaches Poll that keeps voting for Ohio State. I think the answer might be staring us right in the face.

Of the 31 coaches who vote in the poll, one of them is Jim Boeheim (list on bottom of this page). Perhaps in an attempt not to be a homer, or to keep the team from feeling unanimous in their number one-ness, Jimmy is casting the lone vote for the Buckeyes.

I'd ask Jim but I'm pretty sure his answer would be "you don't know your business" and that would get us nowhere.

The most logical option after Jim would be Tevester Anderson, the fantastically-named head coach at Jackson State. JSU got beat by 44 by Ohio State earlier this year and I wouldn't blame Tevester for wanting to reward that. Plus, his name is Tevester, he can do as he pleases.