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Syracuse Daily Links - Bugs Bunny Unimpressed With Syracuse Medical Degrees

Pro Update December 2011 - Cuse Country
Let’s start with a quick look at the NBA types. With the waiving of Rautins, and his subsequent signing with Spanish club Lucentum Alicante, the Orange presence in the Association has shrunk. In addition to Rautins’ departure, it appears that Etan Thomas’s NBA career may be over.

The Fizz’s Holiday Shopping List for the 2012 Syracuse Recruiting Class : Orange Fizz
SU football is sitting home for the holidays, so someone needs to keep Keon Lyn away from the spiked egg nog. Who knows what he may say next. Without further ado, here’s The Fizz’s wish list for the class of 2012.

Fine allegations | President of sexual abuse support group questions DA's actions - News - The Daily Orange
"I think what he was doing is trying to say, 'I'm ending this package. We find victims one and two are credible, but we can't do anything because of the law. And you know what? I'm going to put victims three and four down and basically make believe they don't exist so the DA's office is now free of any responsibility,'" Hoatson said.

Syracuse Orange Football: 5 Gifts on Coach Marrone's Holiday Wish List | Bleacher Report
As with every football program, the end of the season leaves holes that must be filled by another player as upperclassmen leave. The Orange seniors and underclassmen testing draft waters have left Coach Doug Marrone looking for some help at key areas.

Syracuse begins rebuilding in January | The Juice Online
When Syracuse begins preparing for the 2012 season with spring practice in January, it can finally start rebuilding. The Orange will have a little more than a month to fill seven large holes before opening the season at home against Albany on Feb. 19.

Big East departing seniors - Big East Blog - ESPN
Syracuse loses 18 seniors, 7 of whom where starters, including Van Chew, Andrew Tiller, Michael Hay, Antwon Bailey, Kevyn Scott, Mikhail Marinovich and Nick Provo.

Former Syracuse University punter Rob Long leaves cancer behind, looks to crack NFL camp |
"A lot of teams told my agent they were interested, but with what I was going through they needed more than a day to see me before they made a decision. A lot of them kind of shied away, just a wait-until-next-year kind of a deal," he said.

Have a question for Gerry McNamara? Just ask. |
If ever you’ve wanted to ask Gerry McNamara, who scored 2,099 points in his Syracuse University basketball career and helped the Orange win the 2003 national championship, a question, here’s your chance.

Bugs Bunny doesn't think much of a Syracuse medical degree (what the hell happened to Bugs' voice?):