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Syracuse Football: The Airing Of NFL Draftability Grievances

We know that Dorian Graham is definitely forgoing his final season with the Syracuse Orange to go pro. What we don't know is whether or not Chandler Jones and #SHAMARKO Thomas will be following him for sure.

Orange fans are mostly hoping both return, though I think we can understand the pull of the NFL and it's contracts that do a little bit more for you than free meal cards.

Both have recently taken to Twitter to give us some insight in where their heads are at.

Chandler just found out he's graduating on time, which could lean him out the door. Also doesn't help our cause when he's jjust attended his first NFL game wearing the jersey of his brother who is playing in said game. For sure, though, the decision is not one Jones is taking lightly:

These last few nights its been hard to sleep, knowing that your getting ready to make the biggest decision you ever made in your entire life
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Meanwhile, #SHAMARKO sounds like already knows which direction he's leaning and he's got some pretty strong reasons for thinking it:

just trying to b rich so I can take care of a lot of folks, I dnt care about myself, I grind for my fam so they can live life up,#dreams
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I suppose you could have the "you'll make more money for your fam if you wait one year" argument with Thomas but I'm sure as hell not gonna be the guy. I mean, have you seen those workout videos?

#SHAMARKO and former fellow SU safety Phillip Thomas also had a discussion about fam and bro-love and made it pretty clear that if they can, both Thomas bros are going pro.

But we'll see how possible all this looks soon...