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Bernie Fine Allegations: Bobby Davis Should Probably Stop Talking

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That title isn't a threat of any kind. Far from it. It's more of a heads-up.

Look, I'm not smart enough to know if Davis is telling the whole truth about Bernie Fine, the partial truth, no truth or something within that gray area. But what I do know is that every time he does an interview, he sends about three or four red flags up into the air that either cause confusion about or contradict something he's previously said.

That doesn't make him a liar. But it makes the already murky allegations that much more murky (I'm sick of writing the word murky).

For instance, here's what it says in Bobby & Mike Lang's defamation lawsuit against Jim Boeheim:

Indeed, both Bobby Davis and Mike Lang are afraid to leave their homes for fear of retribution by area residents who believe Boeheim’s false statements and are unhappy with the negative attention now focused on the basketball team and the University.

And here's what Davis told a reporter in an interview with the AP last week:

Strangers at the Fayetteville YMCA were suddenly pointing at Davis, asking him to talk about what happened. A woman at his daughter’s preschool hugged him, told him she had been abused as a child, and thanked him for his courage, he said.

Davis said he has not been criticized in person by fans of SU’s top-ranked basketball team or anyone else. Neither Fine, Fine’s relatives and friends, nor anyone connected with SU has contacted him, Davis said.

If I'm Gloria Allred on Twitter, I just tweeted #SMH.