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Syracuse Basketball Club Trillion Watch: All Matt Tomaszewski Does Is Hit Threes

The game against the Tulane Green Wave was the last, best chance for the walk-ons to make their mark in Club Trillion. And they did not disappoint.

When we last left the local chapter of Club Trill, Matt Tomaszewski, Griffin Hoffmann and Matt Lyde-Cajuste were all in a three-way tie for first place with one Trillion showing.

Against Tulane, it was an all-out Trill-fest.

SEVEN players logged one minute of action against Tulane.

Nick Resavy shot and scored, so he's out.

Nolan Hart took a shot and grabbed a rebound, so he's out.

Brandon Reese made two free-throws, so he's out.

Russ DeRemer took a shot, so he's out.

However, Griffin Hoffman, Matt Lyde-Cajuste and Albert Nassar all hit the Trillion mark.

And so, the new standings are...

2 - Hoffmann and Lyde-Cajuste

1 - Tomaszewski, Nassar

0 - All other players

Special shout-out to Tomaszewski, who logged three minutes and hit a three-pointer. That makes it seven-of-seven from three-point land on the season. He is, as James Southerland calls him, Mr. Perfect. Of course, not everyone is impressed:

"He’s never beaten me in a 3-point contest in practice ever – even if he’s shooting 100 percent,’’ SU senior Kris Joseph said in mock protest. Joseph grinned. "But I’m happy for him. I don’t know how he does it. That’s a shooter. If you just come in off the bench and shoot a three and you make it, that’s a shooter for you.’’

Kris Joseph is shooting over 100% in three-pointers in practice. I feel like this is something we should be taking advantage of.