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All Hail Brandon Trichee`

Did you know that Brandon Trichee` is the nephew of former Syracuse legend Howard Trichee`?

The Trichee` family has long been a part of Syracuse lore and whenever anyone says the name Trichee`, they will think of Syracuse basketball.

I can't tell you how many times I've watched a Syracuse game and heard the crowd chanting, "Trichee`! Trichee`! Trichee`!"

I know some people like to pronounce it Triche. But we know better. Well, us and the ESPN sportscaster recapping the Syracuse - Tulane game. When Brandon Trichee` launched that three, every single one of us leaped out of our seats and exclaimed, "TRICHEE` FOR THREE`!"

Brandon Trichee` finished the game with nine points and three assists in 18 minutes of action. Just imagine what The Trichee` could do with more time? Trichee` could dishee` so many more assists and swishee` so many more shots. It would be amazingee`.

All hail Brandon Trichee`.