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Bernie Fine Allegations: Feds Looking For Tips, George Hicker Resigns BOT

It's been a few days, let's catch up (much as we might not want to).

Federal prosecutors set up a tip line for the public to call in the investigation of Bernie Fine. The U.S. Attorney's Office e-mailed a news release with the toll-free tip line number, 855-395-1106, along with an e-mail address of for people to give information on the case.

Meanwhile, one member of the Syracuse Board of Trustees has decided to resign in the wake of the Bernie Fine scandal. Former SU basketball player and longtime Bernie Fine friend George Hicker resigned from the board for reasons not limited to but including the Fine news.

He said he resigned because the trustee’s role had become more work and time than expected. "I just felt that what I have going on in this business, and as far away as I am, it was something that didn’t fit," said Hicker, 65, president of the Cardinal Industrial real estate firm in Los Angeles. "At my age, it was just something I felt I didn’t want to do."

Hicker said no one asked or pressured him to resign. He said he sent his resignation via email Dec. 8 to SU Chancellor Nancy Cantor, then talked with her by phone early the next week. Cantor was disappointed, he said, but did not try to talk him into staying.

Hicker donated $2 million towards The Melo Center (only $1M less than Carmelo) and was appointed to the SU board of trustees in May 2010.

Hicker and Fine have been good friends since the 60's, and Hicker adamantly believes that Fine is innocent.

Over on the accuser side, Zach Tomaselli pleaded guilty to four sex crimes involving a teenaged boy. According to the Lewiston Sun Journal, he agreed to plead guilty and he can be sentenced to no more than three years, three months in jail. Tomaselli still has his civil lawsuit in Pittsburgh against Bernie Fine ahead of him.

Meanwhile, Bobby Davis says that he has basically stopped leaving his home since going public with his accusations about Fine. While a bunch of folks have claimed to have seen he and Lang at the Carrier Dome, I haven't seen any hard evidence. Davis did say that even when he does go out, he doesn't get any negative attention (which is good).

Davis said he has not been criticized in person by fans of SU’s top-ranked basketball team or anyone else. Neither Fine, Fine’s relatives and friends, nor anyone connected with SU has contacted him, Davis said.

When asked if he wants Fine to pay for what he done, Davis adds, "I would like to see Bernie Fine get help."