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Jim Boeheim 2, Fab Melo 0

It's easy to have the impression that Jim Boeheim is fairly hands-off when it comes to the day-to-day of Syracuse Orange basketball. We've often seen and heard about folks like Mike Hopkins and now Adrian Autry handling the heavy lifting during practice and dealing with players off the court.

That sentiment was further pushed along during the Bernie Fine fallout when Andy Katz wrote about how the Jim Boeheim Basketball Culture usually leads to an atmosphere where Jimmy B is detached from everyone around him.

So it's nice to watch a video like this one from CitrusTV's Ryan Koletty and see that Boeheim is no figurehead. No Bobby Bowden or Joe Paterno. He's still working with the players, building relationships and, most importantly, helping these guys grow.

You know, the guy DID plays basketball before he coached it, you guys.

You gotta love that last part about Fab. "He thanks the coach for being so hard on him freshman year and he credits his improved success this season to the coach."

Now all Boeheim needs to do is start growing a #MeloHawk and he'll make it official.