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Syracuse vs. Pitt: Legacies On The Line

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via Michael Borkowski and

Ryan Nassib is probably going to leave SU next year as the best statistical quarterback in Syracuse history. However, we don't remember stats for the most part.

We remember Donovan McNabb for bowl games and amazing plays.

We remember Don McPherson for his performance against West Virginia and the magical 1987 season.

We remember Marvin Graves for his speed, his ability and the many bowl game victories under his watch.

Ryan Nassib's legacy will be written in whether or not he leads the Orange to a bowl game this season and how he follows it up next year.

It is true. SU teams went 35-14 with McNabb, 33-12-3 with Graves and 23-11-1 with McPherson. SU with Nassib is 13-11.

"I think the guys you’re talking about did a great job of winning games and taking over games," Nassib said. "They took a lot of it on their shoulders and took over games. Those guys are held at a different standard because ... I haven’t been as successful as those guys."

Tomorrow's game against the Pittsburgh Panthers will go a long way towards that legacy but its definitely not about just Nassib. Senior Antwon Bailey doesn't want this to be his final game at SU. He's just two yards shy of the 1,000-yard rushing mark so he's got a chance to write his own legacy tonight as well.

The Syracuse - Pitt series (33-30-3 Pitt) is a strange one. They're one of our biggest all-time rivals (only Penn State has played us more) and yet it never really feels too heated. We're brothers in ACCdom as well so they'll become our biggest all-time rival sooner or later.

Go read the Orange Insider and get ready for Syracuse to make-or-break their season.

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