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Bernie Fine Allegations: Melo Center Locker Searched

Not pleased with the results of their first search, authorities returned to the Melo Center yesterday and searched a locker that was used by Bernie Fine.

The official confirmed the search at the Carmelo K. Anthony Basketball Center happened Wednesday. The official, who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity Thursday because it’s an ongoing investigation, would not say what agents sought or what they recovered from the locker.

Fine’s office on campus was searched Tuesday morning, and his suburban home was searched last Friday.

Meanwhile, public interest in starting to shift away from ESPN & The Post-Standard's ethics and towards those of the university. Opinions that the school's 2005 internal investigation was not adequete are starting to pour in.

The subsequent decision by the university and its counsel — Bond, Schoeneck & King — not to contact the Onondaga County district attorney’s office and the Syracuse police department during its four-month investigation has drawn criticism from experts who handle sexual abuse cases. Jeffrey J. Mueller of the risk consultancy firm Granite Intelligence, who is a former assistant district attorney in Brooklyn, said it was "beyond egregious" that the university and the law firm did not consult with law enforcement.

"It’s a shock to the conscience," Mueller said. "It begs the question, Why? What interests were served by not going to police or law enforcement. I can’t think of any. Why would they not?"

And of course, many people are still waiting for the hammer to drop on Jim Boeheim. One thing that hasn't been discussed much is the idea that Boeheim shouldn't be fired but that he should be suspended or reprimand him. It's also a good excuse for folks to pull out their fancy writinz.

He has been too busy playing God to be a coach.

He has been too busy playing coach to bleed like a man.

He was too busy being a know-it-all to have a clue.

What in the world does any of that even mean? BLEED LIKE A MAN, BOEHEIM! STOP NOT BLEEDING!

Speaking of people who hate Jim Boeheim, and almost everyone else on the planet, the Westboro Baptist Church folks will indeed be protesting tonight. All seven of them.

About seven church members plan to demonstrate before the Syracuse Orange take on the Florida Gators. They are protesting the University's handling of the sexual abuse allegations against fired assistant coach Bernie Fine.

God Hates Large Gatherings, I suppose.

Fear not, Jim, someone still likes you...Syracuse students.

"Everything that I've heard, everything that he's said, has led me to believe that he didn't know what was going on," Schneider-Weiler said. "Unless he knew about it, I don't know why he would be fired."