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Syracuse Lacrosse Picked To Win Big East, No Duh

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While it might considered a bit of a "down" year for Syracuse Orange lacrosse, let's not get crazy here. Certainly, no one is going to be nuts enough to think the Orange can't dominate the Big East for another season and the Big East coaches were sure to stick to the status quo in their preseason picks.

The Big East coaches have Syracuse followed by Notre Dame and Villanova in the rankings.

As for All-Conference teams, the coaches have players spread among four teams: Notre Dame (5), Syracuse (3), Villanova (3) and Georgetown (2).

Georgetown, St. John's, Rutgers and Providence round out the rankings in that order.

As for the Orange players that made the all-conference team, that would be middie/attack JoJo Marasco, long stick middie Matt Harris and defenseman Brian Megill. Get more info on them here.

No Orange ended up on the Inside Lacrosse All-Name Team and perhaps that's for the best. I just don't know if I would feel comfortable rooting for Wellington Stanwick or Baxter Lanius IV.