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The Lazy Syracuse Basketball Complaint Circle Is Complete


When Syracuse visits NC State on Saturday, it will have been 1,092 days since the Orange last played a non-conference road game. Seriously.
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First of all, as Micah tweeted last night, "I don't think Lunardi's bracket has been right in at least 1,092 days either."

As we all know, that's a ridiculously-misleading stat. Anyone who honestly considers the Kansas game in Kansas City or the Florida game in Tampa truly "neutral" is a moron.

Of course, it's our own fault. For our own sake, we need to stop scheduling games in neutral locations, even if those places are near the opponent's campus. Otherwise, we'll keep hearing lazy nonsense like this.

Just in case you needed some ammo for today while you try to explain that Atlantic City is not down the road from Syracuse, NY.

2010 - 2011: Michigan (AC), Georgia Tech (AC), Michigan State (MSG); 11 games against Top 25 Teams

2009 - 2010: North Carolina (MSG), Florida (Tampa); 10 games against Top 25 Teams

2008 - 2009: Florida (KC), Kansas (KC), at Memphis; 15 games against Top 25 Teams

2007 - 2008: Ohio State (MSG), Washington (MSG), at Virginia; 7 games against Top 25 Teams