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Someone At Troika Is Trolling Syracuse Hard

Zack Bennett tweeted a link to this video from brand consultancy (barf) and creative agency Troika. It's a package of all those fancy graphics that show up when you're watching college basketball on ESPN. These graphics are the current set running on the ESPN networks.

Watch it and then let's meet back afterward to discuss...

Hey, um, what was that?


I mean, that's actually kinda funny. Random, but funny. Well, actually, not that random cause then there's this a few seconds later...


Alright, Troika...I see how it's gonna be. Prison rules it is.

Via Creative Director at Troika Gil Haslam - "We really wanted to deliver the emotion and passion that compresses and eventually combusts during the big game. Mayhem served as the solution, and gives ESPN a unique, highly recognizable look unlike any other college basketball package on the air today."

"Also, F Syracuse."*

*He may or may not have said some of that.