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Syracuse Daily Links - Andy Rautins Waived By Mavs

Dallas Mavericks waive former Syracuse star Andy Rautins |
Rautins was acquired along with a 2012 second-round draft pick from Washington, while New York got Chandler and the draft rights to Ahmad Nivins and Giorgos Printezis from Dallas.

Mark Titus Top 12 NCAA Power Rankings on Syracuse, Indiana-Kentucky, and the rest of the week in college basketball - Grantland
A good deal of college basketball fans believe that Syracuse didn't really earn its no. 1 ranking in the AP and coaches' polls, and instead feel that the Orange are ranked first simply because Kentucky and Ohio State lost. Those fans think that way because they are stupid. The truth is that the Orange do deserve the top ranking.

COLLEGE BAKSETBALL SNAPSHOT: Does Syracuse really deserve to be No. 1? " Sports " News and Tribune
In my season preview, I argued that Syracuse was one of five teams in the country with a chance to win a national championship. The Orange are experienced and talented, but there is no case that can be made that they should be No. 1.

Basketball Prospectus | Cuse at the Peak
That being said, the question isn't simply how tough your schedule's been, but also how well have you played against that schedule? And the fact of the matter is Boeheim's team has played exceptionally well against their relatively easy schedule, scoring 1.16 points per possession and allowing just 0.83.

Syracuse Orange Basketball - Evaluating Syracuse's Needs for Class of 2013
There's a glaring need for a guard or two based on only having three returning that year. There are a few targets to keep an eye on.

Orange::44: Orange::44's Bowl Pick'em
It's Bowl time again for college football. While Syracuse isn't attending, that means we can't celebrate the litany of meaningless but fun college football matchups, leading up to a computer deciding the two best teams in America playing for a giant crystal football.

Davis/Lang vs. SU/Boeheim: The Fizz’s Solution to the Defamation Lawsuit : Orange Fizz
The irony of course is that Davis and Lang are looking for money over accusations they were looking for money.

Orange Goes Boom: Perkins Coach Tells Fizz Syracuse Out of RB’s Final 5 : Orange Fizz
"He’s narrowed it down to basically his top five. He’s kind of teetering with maybe switching one or two of them for like a Michigan or something. Right now I’d say (Syracuse is out of it)."

Syracuse top ranking restores pride | The Juice Online
True, the journalist in me wants to point out the obvious–the Orange still haven’t been tested, only rose to No. 1 due to two other teams losing tough games, and going into North Carolina State on Saturday is a disaster waiting to happen. But I’m still riding the No. 1 high as a fan, so I’ll refrain. And I needed this. We all needed this.

Bernie Fine Scandal: The Drama Continues to Confuse All | Bleacher Report
The fact that Gloria Allred took this case and now throws a huge plot twist into a drama that looked dead a few weeks ago.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a theme song. I think.

Th Veep talks about Ernie Davis and his Heisman Trophy at the recent event honoring #44 (watch Part II here).