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Bernine Fine Accuser Lawsuit Against Syracuse University, Jim Boeheim: Live Thread

Getting ready to watch the press conference that will take us into Phase 3 of the Bernie Fine Scandal.

Allred will hold a news conference announcing the suit at 2 p.m. today at the Renaissance New York Times Square Hotel in New York City. The suit will be filed on behalf of Bobby Davis and his step-brother, Michael Lang, who say that Fine abused them. According to a news release from Allred's office, Davis and Lang will be at the news conference to "explain why they feel it is necessary to file a lawsuit at this time."

You can watch it live via or

I'll update as we go from here. Suffice to say, the story is now going to change. It's going to be less about Bernie Fine and what he did and instead about how Syracuse University and Jim Boeheim failed the accusers.

Leave your comments below and do your best to be civil. I know it won't be easy...

Update 1: The lawsuit is going to be a defamation lawsuit against "James" Boeheim and Syracuse University.

Update 2: Allred says Boeheim saw Davis lying on Bernie Fine's hotel room bed "wearing shorts." Boeheim has denied that.

Update 3: Allred puts on a really weird "James Boeheim Voice." She then lists all of these things that are supposed to make Boeheim sound guilty but instead seems to reinforce that he had no idea what might have happened.

Update 4: The accusers are indeed seeking "damages" but Allred will not share the exact amount.

Update 5: Read the lawsuit here.

Boeheim made the statements knowing they were false or recklessly disregarding their truth or falsity...Plaintiffs have suffered economic damage as a result of Boeheim’s statements, including diminished career opportunities in the area around Syracuse, where both men now live. Indeed, both Bobby Davis and Mike Lang are afraid to leave their homes for fear of retribution by area residents who believe Boeheim’s false statements and are unhappy with the negative attention now focused on the basketball team and the University."