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Syracuse vs. NC State: The Popping Off Cometh

I almost totally forgot. When the No. 1 Syracuse Orange take on the North Carolina St. Wolfpack on Saturday, it will be the popping off to end all popping offs.

Remember this?

"I think the tournament has so much tradition, probably more than any other basketball tournament in the country," Gottfried said. "I like the fact, whether it’s in Greensboro, or to me, Charlotte would be a great place. Jim Boeheim popping off up there that he thinks it needs to be in New York -- he needs to get in the league first, before he starts making demands on the league."

That was NC State coach Mark Gottfried after Jim Boeheim complained about Greensboro as compared to New York City.

As I said in that previous post, Jim Boeheim has earned the right to pop off over anything he God damn well pleases (except, perhaps, sexual abuse claims against his assistants). And it's high time that Gottfried was reminded of that.

I already want to beat NC State by 20 to drive home the point that we deserve to be No. 1. I now want to beat them by 40 so we can all go pop-off afterward.