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Ernie Davis, 50th Anniversary Of Heisman Trophy Honored

On Friday, a who's who of Syracuse Orange elite gathered to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Ernie Davis' Heisman Trophy victory. While not too many people blinked when Robert Griffin III won the Heisman Trophy over the weekend, there was a time not too long ago that it would have been ground-breaking. Ernie took care of that.

What is cool about the people who showed up is that so many of them who were once "only" Syracuse athletes came to pay their respects as men pretty high up on the totem pole:

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden called Davis "a man of incredible, incredible character."

Detroit mayor and basketball Hall of Famer Dave Bing talked about the humility of Davis, who "never looked at himself as something special."

Billy Hunter, a former SU wide receiver who is now executive director of the National Basketball Players Association, said "the guy was sent here for a mission."

Watch this video that celebrates Ernie's legacy and affirms his legacy amongst Syracuse athletes and American heroes.