The case of the orange SU socks

It's no secret that Dion spent most of his freshman season in Syracuse frustrated and discontent. In fact, many of us thought that he was as good as gone. But, for whatever reason, he decided to stick it out in orange and is playing with an intensity and drive that matches his talent. He's dedicated himself to fitness, agressive defense and to representing the Orange well on the court.

And he has the socks to prove it.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's noticed, but Dion has been rocking some sweet orange socks with an embroidered "SU" on them. For a guy who admitted he thought about transferring, Dion is embracing his place on orange to the utmost. Pics after the jump.

A few pics of the socks in question from the beatdown on George Washington:

George Washington Syracuse BasketballDionSUSocks2DionSUSocks5


This wasn't a one game thing, either. Here's one of Dion rocking the SU socks against Virginia Polytechnic Institute:

APTOPIX Virginia Tech Syracuse Basketball

And, of course, the incomparable Mike Borkowski, with his phenomenal eye for detail, noticed as well: