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Are The Days Of The Blue Syracuse Football Jersey Coming To An End?

Before we even get into it, let's all acknowledge that the Syracuse Orange wear blue jerseys and move forward. Cool? Cool.

With that out of the way, one has to wonder based on recent changes by SU Athletics and impending changes ahead if the days of the blue jersey are coming to an end.

The recent changes I reference is the ongoing "de-blueing" of Syracuse sports teams. Considering that Syracuse has removed blue from the mens' basketball jerseys, the womens' basketball jerseys, the basketball court and the lacrosse jerseys, it seems to be a pretty conscious effort. While many of the Olympic sports still wear blue significantly, two of the "big three" have been de-blued. You'd think the third one would be next.

The other change that I think might be the impetus for the move to an orange home jersey would be our upcoming move to the ACC.

In the Big East, we haven't really had to worry about sharing the color orange with anyone else. No other Big East football team (until Boise gets here) wears orange, so we never had to worry about looking silly (well, I take that back).

But look what awaits us in the ACC.

The Clemson Tigers.

The Virginia Tech Hokies.

The Virginia Cavaliers.

The Miami Hurricanes.

Four schools that boast orange as either an accent color or their main color and all of whom have at least one orange jersey in their reportoire. If we're going to come in here guns blazing with the word "Orange" in our name (as our ENTIRE name), it's going to look just a little weird when someone else is wearing orange instead of us every other game.

Remember, Syracuse is adamant about protecting it's rights to the word Orange. To go to all that trouble and then not wear orange while other schools wear orange seems to defeat the orange-y point.