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Knicks Trade Andy Rautins To Dallas As Part Of Tyson Chandler Trade

Four days ago, former Syracuse Orange Andy Rautins told reporters, "I see myself making big contributions to the [New York Knicks]."

So much for that.

Confirmed: Tyson Chandler will come to Knicks via sign/trade. Hearing that Andy Rautins will go to Mavs, who also get a trade exception.
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Adding insult to injury, it sounds like Rautins will be automatically be waived by the Dallas Mavericks once the deal goes through. Rautins is a financial pawn in the overall deal. Bummer.

Sucks. Rautins spent the lockout doing what he could to remain financially-savvy and he might have to keep buckling down if he's not able to bounce back with another team. Hopefully that's not the case.

Keep an eye on Knicks blog Posting And Toasting for more updates.