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Donovan McNabb Released: Hopefully, This Is The End

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Former Syracuse Orange quarterback Donovan McNabb reportedly requested his release from the Minnesota Vikings and the team complied with his wish, officially making the move on Thursday. McNabb took to Sportscenter on Thursday to flaunt his wares in a last-ditch attempt to attract another suitor.

"You’re bringing a veteran who can bring experience to your ball club, athletic ability, a guy who is not a locker room cancer, he works hard — great work ethic and only wants to win," McNabb said. "And you know I’m a winner and I’ve proven that, and a guy who will make the players around him better."

He's right. He's a stand-up citizen. A great guy. The kind of teammate that isn't going to cause much trouble.

He's also is at the tail-end of his career, is apparently more out of shape that he should be and just had to go on national television in order to try and convince other teams he can still play.

Hopefully, they won't bite. As much it might sound nice for McNabb to finish his career in his hometown of Chicago, it's just too late. It will end terribly. No longer a franchise QB, McNabb flew through the journeyman phase of his career and has entered the "please retire and start your long, lucrative TV career before you get seriously hurt" phase of his career.

I love Donovan McNabb. He's a Syracuse icon. I had the privilege of watching him play up close for three seasons. He'll always be adored by his Syracuse fans even if not by his Philadelphia (or Washington and Minnesota) ones.

Maybe he'll make the Hall of Fame. Maybe not. If that's important to him then he should have walked away two years ago, let alone right now. If it's not, it's not.

I understand the urge for a guy like McNabb to keep playing. I can't blame him for it. It's up to the other NFL teams to decide if they want to roll the dice with him. Hard to tell at the moment but I hope not. I hope he ends his career now and moves on to Phase Two. He's tailor-made for studio work and will probably attract a bidding war from the networks.

The sooner the better.